Company logo on project

Hi, is it illegal to use company logo on your project without their permission ?
for instance: Building product landing page for Tesla automobile then include their (tesla) logo. ** for project purpose only**.

It depends, if you’re acting as the company or representing yourself as being partnered with the company, and you’re not…that would be greatly frowned upon, if not illegal as you put it.

As for simply using the logo, in reference to it, then no that’s perfectly fine. However, I wouldn’t go altering the logo in any way, as companies have a specific way they would like to be represented.

Most companies have brand resource guides on the do’s and do not’s of their logos, but if it’s a smaller company, I would go under the borderline impression, that the color and orientation of their logo is intended and not to be messed with. Here’s Facebook’s logo rules if you’re interested in a sample of what to expect when using another company’s logo

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Thank you so much, well explained.

If the company were to find it and ask you to take it down, then you really want to do so. Courts have mostly found that a project like this doesn’t actually fall under educational Fair Use. It’s unlikely that Tesla’s legal team will ever see your practice project and even if they did they’d just ask you to delete it, so I wouldn’t stress out too much about it.

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