Compare Scopes of the var and let Keywords A simple question

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Why can I use a comma (,) instead of a plus (+)?
In ES6 can I concatenate things with “,” and “+”?

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function checkScope() {
"use strict";
  let i = "function scope";
  if (true) {
    let i = "block scope";
    console.log("Block scope i is: "**, i**);
  console.log("Function scope i is: ", i);
  return i;

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console.log() accepts a variable number of arguments and concatenate their string rapresentation together, so you can put different arguments in there and they are all logged to the console, but you are not concatenating the string with the comma - to concat the strings you need +

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oooohhh okey, in that case i is an argument and because of that it can be represented in the console.log with a comma.

I think I get it, thank you.

no, I mean that console log can takes many arguments:
console.log(obj1, obj2, obj3, ...)

it will be the function itself that concatenate them before printing to the console

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