Comparison with the Less Than Or Equal To Operator

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function testLessOrEqual(val <= 12) {
  if (val) {  // Change this line
    return "Smaller Than or Equal to 12";
  if (val <= 24) {  // Change this line
    return "Smaller Than or Equal to 24";

  return "25 or More";

// Change this value to test

It’s giving me an “unexpected token” error for the first <= sign. When I tried to check previous posts to see if this was a known system error, I got a message saying that page was private or didn’t exist. Anyone know what’s up? (or do I really have something wrong in my code?)

You can’t write val <= 12 in the function’s parameter list. Instead you should do the comparison in the first if-block’s condition.

Thanks, Kev. I finally realized that was the problem, felt so stupid! Sometimes it just takes another pair of eyes.