Comparisons with the Logical Operator

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testLogicalAnd(25) should return the string Yes

testLogicalAnd(30) should return the string Yes

testLogicalAnd(50) should return the string Yes
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function testLogicalAnd(val) {
// Only change code below this line

if (val >24 && val < 51) {
 return "yes";

// Only change code above this line
return "No";

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Challenge: Comparisons with the Logical And Operator

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what string are you returning?


HI @superUser !

Welcome to the forum!

Small mistakes like this happen to all of us.

When a test is failing you will need to read the error message very carefully.
To @ilenia 's question, you will need to read through each character to make sure it matches exactly with what the test is expecting.

This is a good lesson on paying attention to the small details.
Hope that helps! :grinning:

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