Compatibility Lessons

I am NOT at all a fluent programmer so this could be just me being a noob and not knowing what I’m talking about, but for that reason, this is why I’m posting a suggestion for fCC.

I’ve ran into the issue on my projects that I have some cross comparability problems when viewing my projects on my iPhone to my laptop. Even when I Inspect my project’s page in full screen, and change it to my phone, or any other small device, it looks the way I have it on my laptop. But as soon as I go to my phone, it looks completely different and/or doesn’t work well.

I’m wondering if in the Responsive Web Design path there could be an added lesson or section on compatibility. I feel like I’m always doing something wrong, even though I go back to the previous lessons while I work to make sure I’m doing it right.

If I’m wrong, or if you guys have any suggestions like links or whatever, please comment.