Competitive programming (peer-peer learning)

Hey guys I would like to know if there are any competitive programmers here. We can create a discord group where everyone can help each other. I have been learning everything by myself and have seen people who can’t afford bootcamps struggle under the same situation. I am already part of a dormant discord group for competitive programmers(the largest competitive programming group), but would like to create a new one for people from freecodecamp. Anyone interested comment below.

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Hey there @akashvenu15! There have already been multiple slack groups created for this very purpose, I suggest you direct message @codely. She has made a slack that you might be interested in joining.

Happy coding! :smiley:

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Thank you @Cy499_Studios. I will surely message her

One more thing how do i dm her? @Cy499_Studios

If you press on the @codely you will get a pop-up that gives you an option to message her,


you can access the topic with this link but I recommend you Direct message her so you can explain how you found the group and why you want to join.

Hope this helps!

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How do i dm her @Cy499_Studios? I am new here to the forums. Please don’t mistaken me

I think codely group is for beginners to get together, not competitive programming, but it may work for you

on freeCodeCamp discord server there is always a variety of people online

for sending a PM, tap/click on the username and use the Message button that appears there

I forgot to put something else, when you click on the @ text I don’t mean the picture I mean the actual @ text, then when the profile page pops up go ahead and click on the message button and that will open a form that’s similar to the post form.


@Cy499_Studios @ieahleen

I can’t find any message icon. Please help

your account may be too new, there are limits to avoid spam

the discobot should have greeted you, and doing that tutorial could be a start for getting those privileges

Just so you know, competitive programming is a different skillset than professional coding, and learning competitive programming does not really help you get a job in programming. Competitive coding can be a fun hobby or game, but it is a different thing than professional coding.

Yeah but we will be able to apply those algorithms in real life scenarios to make our code more optimal. Plus FAANG based companies in my country ask CP related questions during their coding round.

Thank you for letting me know about it.

Happy coding to you

Sure, but competitive programming is not professional programming. They are different skills. There is some overlap, but if you want a job, I’d focus on learning professional programming.