Competitive programming

Hey, I recently came to know about competitive programming and have read about a few people who also secured jobs at top-notch corporation through it. Now, I now that it is good and also helpful but the main part is…should it be given more time than the other FCC projects. Though I also thick that if it would’ve been too important for us, it would’ve been explain to us through the FCC curriculum. It would be very helpful if you can shed some light on this and also tell me your views and opinions. Thanks!!

no one goes into competitive programming without learning how to program for at least a few months first. In my opinion if you struggle with the FCC projects (especially the algorithm ones) then getting into competitions may depress you (they are often much harder than what you see on FCC).

Here’s one of the problems offered to contestants this year by the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC)

Here’s an FCC article on popular sites for competitions

But I wouldn’t encourage you to try these until you are comfortable with what is taught in FCC in the javascript programming area at least.

Well, thanks for the answer but it seems you picked up another meaning of the original question, I asked that should I invest more time in this than normal development and regarding FCC is that there is no determined lesson for the same. The question remains is it more important. But still, I appreciate the provided information on CP. Thanks again.


Honestly, a simple yes/no won’t suffice for a question like this. It all depends on what you like better. I found out about competitive programming a year ago and gave up FCC for it. I haven’t regretted it, because competitive programming is something that I love, a lot more than FCC