Compilation issue

I have been running locally my Bookread application but it’s showing the error while compilation

Have you actually read the message at all, or have you just reflexively hit “new post” on the forum?

It quite clearly isn’t showing an error.

It’s extremely specific, it tells you exactly what it is, where it is, why it’s showing, and even gives you instructions on ignoring the warning if you want to do that.

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I tried the instructions given but could not work for me.

What didn’t work? What did you try to do? Why can’t you just ignore the warning? It isn’t stopping anything happening, compilation still works, there are no errors.

There are no errors but still my app is not showing output.

No idea why, but it’s nothing to do with ESLint warnings. Are the errors in the browser console?

Look at this.

That’s not what I asked. Browser console, what does the console say.

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