Complete exercises using locally running freeCodeCamp possible?

Request: move to contributors category

I am running freeCodeCamp localy after following the guide and all seems well. However I fail to understand where the files are for the exercise I am currently on Basic JavaScript: Access Multi-Dimensional Arrays With Indexes

My intention is to use vim to write the code and submit my work, as i progress. I do not wish to make changes to freeCodeCamp’s codebase but rather to work on the exercises. I have no intention on trying to prepose pull requests. Localy I have navigated to


however I cannot locate any js files, only markup. Is what I am trying to do possible? Where should I be looking? Was that guide intended for contributors and not students?

I’m interested in this as well. I was hoping on being able to set something up through an api, but I see that open-api hasn’t had any progress for the last 13 months, and most of it was years ago. While I saw another post ask about the open-api, it was said that the api would be shelved until after version seven of the curriculum was finished, stated back in 2018.