Complete JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures

From newbie and kpmajor in business administration.
Could i get a first job in Tech industry if I have a deep knowdege of JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures, and Python, and App creation?

Thanks for answer

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What jobs are you aiming for exactly?

From my experience, companies don’t really hire Python/JavaScript Developers, they hire Data Analysts or Front/Back end developers.

These jobs use Python and JavaScript respectively but require other skills too.

For a Data Analyst, you’d probably want to learn Tableau/Power BI, some Cloud technologies (Amazon/Azure are the top dogs), and SQL

For a Front End Dev, you’d want to know CSS, React/Angular, Git, and a decent grasp of state management.

Other roles that use JS include Service Now Dev but same thing as the above, it requires other skills too.


Thanks for answer.

I like to code and make my own project.

But there is seem finding a job relate to Tech very difficult for newbie like me.

Briefly Front End Dev is the most easy position in Tech company.

But Data Analyst is required more skills than ever . ( Tablea/Power BL,…)

Beside with business knowledge ,I think I could handle a part of IT business.

To do data analysis, you need strong statistical training.

Why not go for a Business Analyst type of role? IF you have business work experience, this is a very viable career. These days its very nice to have a BA with technical knowledge even though you won’t code.

However, if you genuinely want to code, stick to your goals. Don’t get a BA/QA job if you want to be a dev, you’ll just end up disliking your job and hinder your progress.

I don’t think Front End is the easiest position in tech at all. I do think it has the lowest barrier to entry for a developer job so it’s a good start for developers.

I mean if you want ANY job in IT, the easiest is probably help desk but it’s low paid, not challenging, and no real upward mobility.

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Hello @vinpearlb and welcome to the forum.
JavaScript data structure is a good foundation if you want to ingress in web development and software engineering. But you have also immerse yourself in others programming languages if you want to go further web development. For example if you want to work as gamer, you have to learn advanced programming languages such as C++, but HTML,CSS and JavaScript are a good choice to get started.

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And all of Tech company require experiences /.
I found it was vfery difficult to swift career in this field.

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