Completed my first portfolio please rate

I learned a lot from completing this portfolio. First I should plan everything out first so things don’t get messy and make everything responsive to work on all devices. I was near the end of my project when I decided to look at it on my phone for the first time and I realized its all messed up and it looks like a disaster compared to my computer screen, but I decided to not go too much in depth of how to make things responsive for now because all the guides I saw on responsiveness had javascript, which I am beginning to learn now.

Some of the commands in css seem useless like and it just made a mess and was difficult to work with. Flexbox is okay if you’re trying to make a certain style of navigation bar, but it didn’t work well for the style I was using and it messed things up, but I somehow got it to work out. Making the two gray divs on the sides left and right made it a little difficult to make divs in the center, and then make sections for diffrent divs in the center like “contact, portoflio, about me” sections. It made me wonder if there are standard practices for making things like this, what people consider the best way to seperate pages and from looking at other portfolios and codepens it seems like most people just use divs and forms and containers.

I also spent a lot of time googling small things for stuff I thought would take me little time to do. If it weren’t for these small things I would have gotten it done a lot faster.

I don’t really like the design for my portfolio, it needs work. I could make my navigation bar a bit bigger, add some special effects, and take away those lines in the about me section that are in an awkward position, but I just want to move on now that i’ve done all the requirements. After I know a bit of javascript, I’ll practice making a few websites on my own so I’ll be more confident in making websites.

Is there anything else I could improve on in the portfolio? I will greatly appreciate any feedback.

After posting this I realize when you look at it from here everything is disorganized and it looks messed up. So its not responsive on anything and it only looks correct when i got to the page of it on codepen. I’m not really sure why it looks so different on here, maybe I should have used a fluid-container or something else. :joy:

Hi Aloy, great work completing your first portfolio. I was able to pull it up on codepen. I attemped to view it in full screen view but Codepen is throwing and error saying that you need to confirm your email first.

Try going to this url

But great job getting started!