Completed my first project! Tribute Page

I am really excited to have finished my first project everyone! I will say it was very intimidating at first when you are just presented with a blank page. But after a while I got the hang of it. The actual content is probably crap, but hey it was the background stuff that actually mattered. Anyway go check it out. Let me know what you think and if you have any feedback.


Hey there,

The cover of Bad definitely transports you to the good ol’ day! :smiley:

Page is looking great, but do realize that there are some issues with parts of the page. If you see it in a large monitor, the title after the album cover photo, is not centered and moves over to the right. There might also be some grammar that needs to be corrected.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the feedback, I’m glad you liked it.

I don’t exactly see what your talking about with the album title though. I know when I edited this, I did it on an 11.6in monitor, and also pulled it up on my phone and it looked right. So when you said that I decided to pull it up on my 24in monitor and it still looks correct. I could be missing something. Where do you see the issue in the code?

Oh and yes I figured there would probably be some grammar errors, I am the worst at grammar. Guess I should have put it in word before finalizing it haha :joy: I went and fixed them now.

Thank you

Page looks awesome, and definitely enjoy it! The big suggestion I would make is (and it might just be personal taste) sticking with the same layout. If you place the text “Beirf Snyapose of Michael Jackson:” (by the way, it is “brief,” I noticed you have beirf here :)) to the left of the main paragraph, then I would do the same with “Here is a timeline of Michael Jackson’s life” and place it to the left of your bullet points as well.

Otherwise looks fantastic! Far better than what I have done so far :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.

Ya that suggestion actually makes a lot of since. Right now it just looks a little like a mess. I did make that change which I think looks way better, now you can see if it you pull it up again.

I know it was really brief and not to much actual content, I was actually more concerned with the fact that I made it then the story. It spoke a lot to me, even if it wasn’t that ‘pretty’, it proved that I can do this. Thank you for the feedback and support, glad I’m have started this journey.


off to a “Bad” start.

you misspelled Brief in the left hand column.

seriously though u are on your way.

Haha my friend pointed that out and made fun of me so much. I totally fixed that at one point, but it didn’t save and I had to redo it… Guess I forgot again.

But thank you though. Glad it looks good.