Completed my tribute page. Looking for feedback

I made an Elon musk tribute page for my responsive design project. I tried to use most of what I learned including responsive resizing of text, media queries, flexbox order, etc. Looking for feedback on how I did. I would like to know if my tags are used correctly and my code contains good syntax as I did bits of Mozilla Developer Network research to figure out how tags should be used properly such as section.

Make me cry if you have to. All constructive criticism welcome.

i like ur simplicity but i think it needs more content and colors

Hmm, what kind of content? I feel like it is very text heavy. Maybe more images?

yeah kind of
it is very blank

Hey @casey.grey.woelfle!

Welcome to the forum!

I think your page looks good. I think it is ok if it is on the simpler side in terms of colors and images because it is your first project.

As you get more practice building pages, then you will start to get more comfortable and take more risks with style.

@casey.grey.woelfle This is only my opinion.

My suggestions are to…

  • Add some custom fonts to jazz up the page.
  • limit the width of the paragraph text in desktop view, it is better to not let it stretch across the screen.
  • Set text-align: justify while in mobile view to get the words to line up nicely.
  • How about adding one color to the page? maybe on the font?
  • How about a background image that is very light so that it will not compete with the foreground image and text?

This is only my opinion.

Very solid feedback, I will work on all of this in the re-design I am currently conceptualizing. Thanks.