Completed my very first portfolio (and it features a sidebar!) Have a look and critique

It was only after I finished my Tribute Page that i discovered that i shouldnt rely on Bootstrap to make my site responsive.

So here’s my attempt at a portfolio. Critique, as it always aids my learning!

Bugs afaik: 1. Landscape mode seems to be my portfolio’s achilles heel, as it seems to eat a part of my sidebar.
2. I know, i know i should have had my embedded pens rescale

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There is nothing wrong with using only bootstrap for responsive sites, but it is good to know how to make a site without it too.

It looks very nice on landscape mobile:

However on portrait mode, the sidebar just takes up way to much making it impossible to read the content:

Make sure you add “The most common meta viewport tag” in codepen head settings.
Also, try collapsing the sidebar on mobile too, with a slideout animation. Increase font-size to at least 1em. Example:

I hope that gives you some ideas about possibly making your site a little easier for users on mobile. Good work, and keep it up!

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Thank you so much for the feedback

this should be very helpful in the future + your implementation of the slideout and viewport makes it look super slick on mobile!

In the future should i start designing with mobile in mind and scale it up to desktops? cause this time around i did the opposite, but it seems more intuitive the other way.

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