Completed portfolio, please check it out!

Hey everyone, so I’ve finally completed my portfolio and I would love to hear your thoughts about it and how I could improve.

Please note, this is my first ever portfolio so please be gentle :joy:

Hi @jacktar86191 !

I am having an issue with one of the projects covering up content.

I would address that issue first.

Then on smaller devices, some of the content is cutoff.
Screen Shot 2021-06-23 at 12.41.20 PM

I would keep working on the responsiveness.

But I like the colors and design layout.

Hope that helps!

Oh, weird. Is there a software I can look at these? Currently they all display correctly on my phone, laptop and monitors. Thank you.

@ jacktar86191 I am facing the same issue.

you can use your browser’s dev tools to test your website in different screen sizes. you can also use custom screen sizes if you set the screen resolution setting to responsive.

Oh wow, I didn’t even think of that. Thank you. So I’ve set it up to for auto height. Issue I now have is the image overlaps everything else the smaller it gets.

I would suggest you to avoid the height property of any element as it would further lead you into overflowing issues. You can use min-height instead of that which i tried on your site and it seemed to work.

Ah, that makes sense. Thanks staranbeer :+1:

Always happy to help :slight_smile:

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