Completed Projects Don't Appear on Different Computer

I have searched this topic, and I understand there is a bug where signing in via a different method can create a new account.

That is not my issue. Even if I sign in on a different computer with the SAME method, by curriculum is still blank. Does anyone have suggestions?

Thank you

please be more specific with what you mean with “blank”

what do you see and don’t you see?
the checkmarks, the code when you open a challenge, what?

all of the above. I seems to “think” my account is new. When I sign in on this PC, I have all of my green checkmarks indicating that my projects are complete. When I sign in on another, I have nothing.

I realize ongoing projects are stored locally on the browser. That is not my concern.

is your username the same in both?

do you log in with the same email? (freecodecamp accounts should be linked to the email, unrelated to what kind of log-in method you are using)

I sign-in via Github, and only have one github account

I have tried to sign in “manually” via the email account but that does not work. I have seen other topics saying you have to sign in with the exact same method or it makes a new account.

does your username appear the same in one computer and the other?

no, it generates a new userrname on the new PC

try deleting the extra account, and try logging in again - that should be able to delete the wrongly created account and let you keep the one you use

if the username is different I can be confident im not destroying my actual account right? im scared!

yes, you will not be deleting your usual account

I have tried this but it keeps generated a new account every time I attempt to log in. Is there a way to see all accounts associated with an email?

are you sure your github account doesn’t have two email addresses associated?

at this point I would say you need to write at gor help

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I have done this on the 14th, but no response, and my situation has not changed.
still an endless stream of new accounts every time I try to log in.

@QuincyLarson : when you have time can you please check that the email that this user sent arrived to the inbox?

Sure - I’ll look for it. I have a lot of email in there to go through, but I haven’t found anything from @LeeHunterDev. No need to be scared though - there shouldn’t be any data loss.

thank you for you time Quincy. It should be from

@QuincyLarson still no response

should I just assume my account only works on one computer?

they get a loooot of emails

at this point everyone who has the duplicated account is being directed to write at

see here: