Completed: Survey Form Project Challenge- Need your feedback

Nothing fancy, I just wanted to make it responsive while keeping it simple. However, any ideas on how to make it more aesthetic are highly appreciated. It would be great if you could provide me the link of the best project you’ve seen. Thanks.

Link here:


Yo man From Butwal you did really well keep it up bro

Pretty good looking form, good job.

  1. I would give the form a max-width, say 980px and then center it.
form {
  max-width: 980px;
  margin: 0 auto;
  1. I like to limit the textarea resize to vertical.
textarea {
  resize: vertical;
  1. I’d like to see the radio buttons have their text inside labels associated with the inputs.

  2. Give the inline radio buttons some margin to space them out horizontally a bit more.

  3. I would personally prefer the placeholder text was left aligned, but that is just me.

Edit: 6. I would give the Personal Information input elements some more vertical space between them

Thanks for the suggestion. I do like all of your suggestions. I am not very confident with the use of max min with, though. How is it different than the normal width attribute?

makes me want to go back and change the way my project look. Good Work Bro!

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Missed your question.

max-width just lets you set an upper limit on the width, without making the element fixed width. So it can still shrink, but won’t grow in width beyond the max you set. Making it adaptive without being set using relative units like percentage, or viewport units.