Completed the Front End Cert Feedback Much Appreciated!

Hey, guys, I am truly thankful to Free Code Camp. I was able to complete the Responsive Web Design, JavaScript Alg & Data Structures, and Front End certs in just 2 months and 8 days. Here’s my profile listing my time progression:

I pretty much just ate Free Code Camp and the gaps were days that I studied material (summer uni classes impeding as well). Overall I’m going to scrounge up some change today (or end of the week) and see if I can make a contribution as I think the program is a steal!! Here are my end results:
(Feedback would be great! Oh I built this after learning a little from FCC, the portfolio)

Feel free to connect with me on Linkedin (just mention you are from the FCC community). I’m going to skip the Data Visualization part (excluding the JSON API AJAX will learn this later) and move onto the API and Micro Service Section. Then take a break and get ready for Compilers at my Uni and then come back after the quarter!

I learned so much!!! There were times I wanted to reference or get hints to some problems but don’t do it, you will learn a lot more even if it takes you 3-6 days, just be persistent and it’ll pay off! A moderator advised me not to skip CSS and he was right, the media queries are legit though. I am proud of my certs and have posted them on my Linkedin. Good luck to you all and take advantage of this wonderful free program!! I believe it changed my life and gave me a sense of direction on how to get where I want to be.

Cristian C. Castillo

Hey Cris,

congrats, awesome work! :+1:

Would love to see you in the forum helping other campers with all your knowledge. :slightly_smiling_face:

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