Completely new, Need advice on where to start

I am a complete beginner with only some experience in AP CSA and I created a block coding game. I’ve never used this website. I’ve recently found a passion to pursue CS at a UC but I have zero experience. I want to build my college application and gain as many coding skills as possible, but I’m worried it is too late to start since I am a junior.

I’m just super lost on where to start. I’m really eager to learn but I need some advice on how to begin and what types of projects I should work on first.

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There are tons of career paths in IT world.

Do check jobs in stackoverflow, linkedin jobs or other popular websites in your country.

I’ve done below to become a front end + mobile developer

  • HTML, CSS, JS ( FCC + YT )

  • Building all the projects ( Frontend mentor website )

  • Learn React ( build projects, refer YT for ideas )

  • Learn React Native ( build projects, refer YT for ideas ) optional

Apply for job / internship


You’ve come to the right place to learn!
I’d recommend starting a the top of the FCC Curriculum with the Responsive Web Design course and work your way through the curriculum in order.

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Here’s my advice, plus some advice from others: It’s never too late to start.
I’m graduating college this month with a degree in Psychology. I’ve only realized this semester that my passion is actually CS. Do I know what I’m doing? No. Am I trying anyways? Absolutely. We’re kinda in the same boat here. I’m trying, though, and you should too!
I started at the beginning of the modules (Responsive Web Design) a few days ago and I’ve already finished the first two small tutorial projects and learned A TON. This is a wonderful place to learn, and we’re all here with you! Don’t give up, take breaks when you get frustrated, you’ve got this! :slight_smile:

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