Completely new to coding and need help

Im looking to make a shop for my discord and I’ve created a basic bot but i don’t know what to input or where to go from there. Im completely new to coding

Hello @thepapakovacs

So there are a few levels to go from where you are (new to coding) to your goal (make a shop for discord).

Without knowing what you want to do or to learn, it’s hard to offer much advice on how to get there.
For example, what a “shop for discord” means, or how it works could mean a bunch of things. AFAIK discord isn’t really a place for a “shop” so I’m not really sure how you’d get one going with, or without a bot. Maybe you want to create a discord room for a shop?

I recommend providing more details on what you want to do. It’s possible what you want to do might not require coding, require a ton of coding knowledge, or isn’t even viable. If you only want to learn coding just to “build a shop for discord”, then it might not be worth the time if the idea itself isn’t viable. Or it might actually be a lot harder than you expect. Or if you just must learn how to code to execute this idea, then it might be a great opportunity to start learning how to code!

FreeCodeCamp can help you learn how to code, but without the right drivers, or goals, it is too easy to just “walk away”, or not dedicate enough time and effort to be successful with it.

I also would love to get into coding as a whole as it has always interested me

@bradtaniguchi Thank you for the response, im stuck on what to put in to enter it and what courses i should start so i can learn

We can’t really offer any advice on “what to put in to enter it”, without knowing what you want to do.

I’d compare it to asking “how can I be a great cook”, and then me asking “what kind of food do you want to make first”, and not getting an answer.

In the same sense, if we aren’t sure what you want to cook/build, it’s hard to give any advice on how to execute it.

So again, what do you mean when you say “you are looking to make a shop for discord”?

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@bradtaniguchi I want to build essentially this. It’s a “shop/store” in discord. The admins or the owner puts items in the store and the people on the server can purchase these items with in game currency. This discord app has a store but you can only manually input one item at a time and I want to be able to have these items coded into the store so they are available for purchase for my ark server. I’m also in the process of coding a currency and economy system. Players start off with a balance and earn currency though in game tasks

I don’t know much about interfacing with games thru a Discord bot, but I know its somewhat common and Discord has some docs on connecting Discord to a game server. How that works depends just as much on the game as the bot.

I’d say you’d need a good amount of experience in development to be able to do this.
Some things you gotta know:

  1. Where to run/host the discord bot so its on 24/7 (you might have to pay for this)
  2. How to interface with the game server(s) through the bot, including authentication and being able to “link” a user’s discord account with the game account.
  3. How to build the “bot interface” so user’s can interact with the bot. Luckily there are usually a lot of docs on how to do this for the discord library and language, but you still need to handle most edge cases and debug issues.
  4. How to save/keep track of anything that isn’t saved in the game, you might need a database.

All of these things are “high level” concepts that are each their own expansive subject in their own right. As such I’d start with the basics. IE learning how to code in general. And move back to building the discord bot once you get a firm understanding of each concept individually on other projects.

If you wanted to just “learn this and build the bot from scratch really quickly” I’d say that’s pretty tough, if not straight up impossible, since what you want the bot to do is actually pretty complex. So you need to know your stuff to have a chance at building it.

I’d start with freeCodeCamp’s curriculum on JavaScript along with other sources, like MDN’s docs on JavaScript. This will over only part of the overall technology used to build the bot, but with some JS skills under your belt you can at least start working and debugging a Discord bot’s source setup using something like discord.js

You could use any number of languages to build a Discord bot, but I recommend using JavaScript, or Python. JS is the language of the web so its easier to get help. Just beware that the bot will need to run on node.js, not the browser. So not everything in one environment varries over in the other.

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@bradtaniguchi Thank you so much im starting the process now, I do have a script going and im trying to refine it, can i send it to you for you to overlook?

Your welcome to send me your code to review, however since this is the sorta project that will require some intensive amount of dev work, it will probably end up beyond the scope of 1 script, and also beyond what any single person can easily review.