Completing exercises


So I’ve been completing the freeCodeCamp exercises for a few months now and am about to finish the third certification. I always either get the exercise or get it using either hints or the answer. I never copy and paste and I always make sure I understand it at the time why I didn’t get it.

My question is should I feel more confident in programming than I am? I don’t feel confident at all, and if you were to ask me about a lot of the topics I don’t think I could tell you much, like if you asked me about SASS or something.

I just want to make sure I’m using this the right way because I’m powering through but if its inefficient I feel like I should stop and switch to a text book or lectures.


I think yes , programming is not easy yet if you’re able to pass the challenges with understanding the concepts behind it ,you should feel more comfortable.
if you want to get out the best benefits from what you’re learning you have to do the following :

1- plan for small project draw it on a paper or design it
2-create a list for database field required in general with the relations between the tables
3-create a list for the required API’s for each page
4-create the database
5-and star building the API’s to link it to the planned design
6-then create the layout .
what you’re learning here is just to solve problems and syntax and how to do .
what you’ll build will determine how much is what you learned is sufficient for you .
and you can use the forum here to ask about your personal project problems :slight_smile: