Completing Front end projects with minimal styling


I am not interested in design. I would like to end up working as a back end developer. Would it be OK to complete the front end projects with minimal styling as long as they pass the tests so I can move on to the back end section?


Of course,

As long as you complete the user stories and pass the tests, you can claim a certificate.

If you are only concerned with backend, then just skip the front-end Responsive Web Design Certification and start with the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification, then do the Apis and Microservices Certification, followed by the Information Security and Quality Assurance Certification.

The only problem you will run into, is you may struggle with the front end aspects of later certification projects.

Thanks for the reply’s. I have passed the tests for the first 2 projects even though the designs are poor.

I will continue on and do all the certifications without worrying about and design issues so that I don’t run into any problems with the later certs.


I think that this approach is likely to hurt you down the road, especially if you are doing FCC with the intention of getting a job.

These projects are a good opportunity to build your portfolio, and you want your portfolio to look good. When companies browse your profile, their first impression is important. Some might not take a lot of time to look at the quality of the code. This is particularly true for recruiters, who couldn’t tell good code from bad code anyway.