Completion of 100% course at freecodecamp

Dear all,

It’s pleasure talking to you. I have one simple question in my mind. If I complete the full map of free code camp. (2000+ hours). Then where I will be standing at that position. What types of web application or mobile application I will be able to create?


Per the curriculum you will have completed 4 projects for non-profits, in addition to all the other listed projects for the first 3 certifications (a total of 30 projects). Quite a bit of work.

Word on the street is that no one has completed the full curriculum yet.

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It would take alot of work and problem solving to finish 100% of FCC’s curriculum. The amount of projects + self learning that would go on to accomplish such a feat (I don’t think anyone has done it yet) would push your skills to new heights. I’d venture to say (depending on your current skill set) you might be able to build what you want without even finishing 75% of the curriculum.

“Word on the street is that no one has completed the full curriculum yet”

That’s pretty cool stuff!

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Based on what I’ve seen I agree with this totally. And think about that level of experience from an employer’s standpoint.

Continue to be impressed by what a resource FCC really is.

Tremendous resource. I just listened to JavaScript Jabber’s podcast the other day with Quincy Larson on. He’s a great dude and they’re doing excellent work on this free platform. The best part is its on your own time. I’m working thru the intermediate front end projects now but decided to stop to brush up on some vanilla JS skills. Eloquent JS + You’d Don’t Know JS book series. If you haven’t already, check 'em out!


I have heard of them and definitely have them in mind to try and read at some point! Thanks for the advice.

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Yes, indeed! :sunglasses:

Do you think this is because the FFC curriculum is to difficult to finish?

Please give us your insight on this quote! :thumbsup:

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The Word On The Streets!

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The difficulty of the curriculum (it is very challenging) is definitely an aspect, but I can only speculate beyond that —

  1. FCC is still relatively young, it is only 605 days old today according to their About page.

  2. You have to complete 4 non-profit projects to get the full certification. I can only guess that the campers who are at the level of working on the non-profits are so well equipped to be employed as software developers that employment tends to take precedence over actual finishing all the non-profits.

I’d like to hear what others think as well!

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It seems like quite a few people are getting jobs after just finishing the front end cert so I would guess that by the time you finish the back end nearly everyone will have a job by then. That would take up most of your days from then on out. Before you get the job, you’re motivated to work at it very hard, putting in two or three hours a day after work. But after you get the dev job you want, it’s probably not quite as high a priority anymore even if you want to complete it. I’d be people would drop their hours on FCC to just a few per week. Even if you kept at it at 10 hours a week though, you’re still looking at another 80 weeks to get to full stack!

Only 44 people have gotten all of the first three certs as well.

I’d love to see FCC put up like a leader board that maybe tracks one week moving averages of progress so I could get a sense of where I am and how I’m doing in comparison to the main body of users.