Composing Code - Landing Page Feedback/Help

Hi fellow campers! I am primarily writing because I want to know how/where to host the images I use for them to appear on my page to the general public. Whenever I view my pen on my phone the images don’t appear, except for the social media icons that are linked to a Pixabay user’s account. Even the (cheesy) logo I designed in paint and uploaded to my Google drive won’t show. I set the folder it is in to public.

Oh, and any other feedback is also welcomed here.

Thank you.

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Codepen restricts images from free sources. They seem to be shutting down more all the time. You have a few choices:

Purchase some hosting and put your images there.
Purchase CodePen sub and host images on CodePen
You could try a github account.

I know cloudinary and dropbox used to work, but I don’t think they still do.