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I wanted some overall feedback on my tribute page.,if there are any bugs that I missed.

Also, I really want to try my hand at working with @keyframes, but all my attempts have led to nothing. The little icons at the bottom I had wanted “dancing”, but they’re stubborn!

Lastly, I am considering doing a media query to work out the layout when the image is big or the screen is comparatively small. Is there anyway other than only using @media to do that?

Thank you.

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Some images are stretched… If they’re not square as you want try to cut them in paint or photoshop, so they will look great. Also I suggest you to read

also this one maybe useful

beacuse it is bit hard to read and there are some white space problems. Nice colors :smiley: I like Miyazaki too, nice choice!
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Thank you for sharing those articles. They both really helped. I will work on editing the images. (Silly me hoping they would auto adjust.)

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I really liked your tribute page :slight_smile:
But images above Thank you for visiting! are not displayed.

Thank you! I fixed the image links so they should show up now.

Its very nice. I would suggest adding some 10px padding on the bottom of the navigation bar.


Thanks for the feedback. I added that.

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