Compound Assignment With Augmented Subtraction 2

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var a = 11;
var b = 9;
var c = 3;

// Only modify code below this line

a = a - 6;
b = b - 15;
c = c - 1;

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You didn’t put anything in the “Tell us what’s happening” section. Please tell us what is going on and what steps you have tried to fix it.

can someone just tell me what it is

Here’s the instructions and hint again:

Like the += operator, -= subtracts a number from a variable.
myVar = myVar - 5;
will subtract 5 from myVar. This can be rewritten as:
myVar -= 5;

The most important part there is

This can be rewritten as: myVar -= 5;

That’s all you have to do for the question - look for any parts that have thing = thing - otherthing and rewrite as thing -= otherthing

Out of interest how did you do the previous exercise involving +=?