Compound Assignment With Augmented Subtraction newer and better

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var a = 11;
var b = 9;
var c = 3;

// Only modify code below this line

a -= 11 (because the original value of a is 6 and a-= 11 means a=a(6)-11 = -5)

b -= 9 (because the original value of b is 15 and b -= 9 means b=b(15)-9 = 6)

c -=3 (because the original value of c is 1 and c -= 3 means c=c(1)-3 = -2)

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I have tried everything. I cannot see an error anywhere. Please help me

No, the original value of a is defined above as 11. Same goes for the rest of the variables.

var a = 11;

a is equal to 11 and you have to make it 5. So you need to subtract 6 from 11, that gives us 5;

Just rest the challenge code, and use -=.