Computer Architecture

What is the difference between memory scheduling and scaling?

Memory scheduling is:

  • what some software is programmed to do
  • to decide what memory should be used
  • by which processes
  • at what time

Scaling means loads of different vague things to different people: it’s a nebulous term.

If you mean scalability of a system, that’s a measure of

  • how well it functions and/or
  • how easy it is to adjust it to keep optimal performance
  • as the load is increased

For example, if your system goe from ten users to ten million users, will it Just Work Fine, or if not, is it easy or hard to scale the system to handle the increased load.

Again, this is an extremely vague term and means different things to different people in different contexts.

They’re not really comparable things, normally, but if you’re talking the same context, then how scalable some system is beyond a certain point may depend on how well the memory scheduling works, though that’s an extremely low-level part of it :man_shrugging:t3:

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