Computer fix needed

Not even a few bristles of a toothbrush fit into the gaps? Try to move the key to one side and see if you can get in there… I doubt they manufactured to perfect gapsizes…usually you can move the keys around a bit.

Did you google your laptop model for cleaning hints or how to remove a key? Apple uses these island keys too and they can be removed.

They almost did. It’s about half a millimeter gap between the keys and the keyboard cover.

No I did not. I spent my time looking into how to remove the keyboard itself :laughing: . I guess I should Google that.

That unfortunately is not an option for me. Not many people have the x360 version of the Pavilion where I live. What about using a toothbrush to apply the alcohol through the gap between the keys and the keyboard cover?

Maybe this helps you?
If you are worried about breaking something, try with a key that you never use first

I code and game tho. There is literally no key that I don’t use. So I can’t really experiment. Plus the guide was full of “'CAREFULLY” lol. So time to visit a repair shop. I’ll get an external keyboard until it’s fixed.

You mean the guide I linked? I cant find any warnings on there… are we talking about the same guide? :smiley:

Oh sorry I read another guide and confused it with yours. :laughing:

Try taking the keys off and soaking them in water w/ soap overnight.

Iv spilled orange juice and water twice on my keyword.

How did you do it? Can you guide me through it?

This was with not a laptop though. Is there anyway to take the keys off?

RE: On buying new keyboard.

If your laptop has USB ports or bluetooth, you can buy an external PC keyboard

Well there are ways but the space between the keys and the keyboard cover is very small. I took the keyboard cover off the laptop and then wiped it with wet cloth the week before. It decreased the stickiness but it’s still there.

Look up a tutorial maybe on how to take off they keys are your specific model?

Im trying to make that last resort for now. But yeah I have thought about it.

The best I got is how to remove the keyboard cover itself. Not the keys.

Well, I linked you a guide that has step by step instructions for your laptop model on how to remove a key… what are you waiting for? :smiley:

Heres a video as well:

Thank you!! I’ll be sure to check it out as soon as I get Wi-Fi.

One difference to the video is that when they say to insert the tool in the upper corner, in your case i suggest the lower corner, because the mechanism under the key is the opposite way for your laptop. Good luck! :smiley: Its really not as dangerous as you might think, you can do it! :smiley:

Thank you once again! Hoping all goes well. Will let you know :grin: