Computer & Network Technology Tutorials

Hello fellow campers,

Is there anyone here that can tutor me (or provide resources) on the following:

Representation of decimal integers (e.g. binary, hexadecimal)

Conversion of integers from one base to another

Representation of negative numbers, fractional numbers, and floating point numbers in binary form

Decimal to floating point conversion and vice versa

Floating-point addition

Limitations of floating point arithmetic


Inverter Boolean algebra

Simplification of logic equations

Truth tables

Using Boolean algebra to construct digital circuits

D flip-flops

RS flip-flops

JK flip-flops

Simple logic circuits: Full adder, multiplexer, shift register, counter

Different types of computer systems: mainframe, desktop, laptop, embedded, tablet

Fetch/execute cycle

Structure of the CPU at the level of registers, buses, and functional units

One-, two-, three-address

Register-to-register machines and load/store machines

Computer instructions, e.g. data movement, arithmetical and logical, flow control

The stack and its use in implementing subroutines and exceptions

Local storage and recursion


Multicore processors

Limits of Moore’s law Information storage

Memory hierarchy from cache to secondary storage

Operation of solid state, magnetic and optical storage devices

Performance of these storage devices and their characteristics

Display devices



Input/output techniques: peripheral polling, DMA, interrupt driven I/O

OS & Sys SW: The human interface; the operating principles and characteristics of printers, display devices, input devices, and biometric devices

Concept of multitasking: Interrupts, Concurrency, Scheduling, Memory management, Virtual memory

System performance: Definition, Measurement, Benchmark

Principles of communication



Wi-Fi and wireless technologies

ISO 7-layer OSI model


Relationship between them

Typical protocols





Malware: viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware and their effect on system reliability and performance

Network attacks: scanning, sniffing, denial of service, man in the middle, social engineering

The cloud

Internet of things (IoT)

Software-defined networks

Network automation

I have 60 days to learn all this.

I would start on your own doing some google research, and finding other forums that may teach this stuff. Free Code Camp teaches web development, and most of our users are those just starting their own coding journey. You could possibly ask questions in our general section, and those with the knowledge may respond to help you out, but everyone here donates their time to answer questions. So I would say there wouldnt be anyone here who could tutor you, and if they did they probably would not want to do all of this for free.

Wish you the best of luck

Thanks for the suggestion.

Well, you can find all of your solutions on a single platform like Google. You can also ask these questions in a reputed community such as Github, Freecodecamp, Stackoverflow, and many others as per the category of your content where people can also share their experiences with answers.

Good luck, but that is not going to happen. Not unless your definition of “learn” means something else, like passing a test with fixed answers.

Why do you need to “learn” all that and what is the purpose?

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