Computer programs consist of code and data

…but what is the difference between those two things? I am reading about OOP and the author is making this distinction. He’s saying, “… a program can be conceptually organize around its code or its data.” So around code its process-oriented model and its data its OOP.

It’s hard to say without knowing what the author wrote.

So the data found inside an object.

That’s not enough information. I would need to actually see what was written to understand what the author means. Can you provide the full paragraph?

Yeah, thanks. It seems I cannot copy and past straight from the PDF, but I have a screenshot.

I was able to write some code that made this clear

function employees(name, timeInComp) { = name;
    this.timeInComp = timeInComp;
    this.introduce = function() {return this.timeInComp <= 2} 
let arrr = [];
let employee221 = new employees('Memet', 3);
let employee109 = new employees('Jilles', 1); 
arrr.push(employee109, employee221);

function a1(val) {
    if(val.timeInComp < 5) {
        console.log(`${} has been in the company for less than 5 years`);
    } else if(val.timeInComp > 5) {
        console.log(`${} has been in the company for more than 5 years`);
    if(val.introduce()) {
        console.log(`${} has to introducte himself, because he has been in the company for ${val.timeInComp} year(s)`);

for(let i = 0; i < arrr.length; i++) {

This is cool, because the condition has only to be changed in the class.

By the way, the book I’m referring to is called: Java The Complete Reference. Schildt, Herbert.

I don’t exactly love the wording the author used, but I see what they mean.

In this context, data is the information, like strings and arrays, and ‘code’ is more the logical steps you want to use to manipulate that data.

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