Computer science degree/ Career advice

So I believe that I have the necessary skills to become a front end developer, such as javaScript, react, html, and css. My only concern is that I do not have a college degree, is it still possible to earn an entry level job as a front end developer? Im 22 and still plan on going to college soon.

If you are able to show that you have the skills and knowledge and are lucky, you can find a job


Yes, you can get a job without a college degree.

However, a few raw skills are not enough to get a job. You’ll have to hunt down employers, be able to show off the skills by having a portfolio/active github, be able to show your ability to work on professional grade projects so having some experience under your belt will help you stand out.

Ultimately, a college graduate will have roughly 4 years of experience in a number of fields directly relevant to a web development job and experience that goes beyond the job itself (GE’s, and electives).

A self-taught person has to show they are a better investment than someone who spent 4 years learning in a standardized learning environment with access to extra perks such as networking and research opportunities. This is possible, but it isn’t easy.

I highly suggest taking this path if you can. College might be the most expensive option in more ways than one, but it is also the least risky option in regards to being within a standardized environment for learning.

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