Computer Science Tutorials: Graph Algorithms & Pattern Matching


I got started with programming here on FCC a little over a year ago. Since then, I’ve enrolled in computer science at a university in Canada. I’ve recently discovered an effective way to study. I create a powerpoint on the topic and then record a video where I talk over it explaining the content. This has been helping me a lot to study for exams.

When I was trying to learn this stuff for myself, I found that there was not enough content on YouTube about the topics I had to learn. Either the content was just not available, or incorrect, or unclear, or in a different language besides english.

Anyways, I’m starting to upload my videos to YouTube. Here is a video series on graph algorithms. I have also uploaded a series on pattern matching (like when your browser uses when you click control-f to find a text pattern in your document).

I have three hopes with this. First, that those people who have to use these concepts will find my videos useful and informative. Two, that these videos will introduce self-taught programmers to programming ideas that they may have never run into. And thirdly, that people find these videos to be interesting and entertaining.

Thanks for reading! Good luck.


It looks amazing - though I can’t say I’m even remotely there yet - well done !

Thanks timotheap. If you work through the front end stuff and do a couple of the projects, you’ll be perfectly equipped to learn computer science topics like these. I think you’d be surprised, I would bet that you could handle pattern matching and graph algorithms already.

Good luck timotheap!

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