"Concatenating" string methods

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Hi guys, I solved this problem thanks to a video and I understand the general procedure but I still have some questions:

1- I didn’t know I could “concatenate” string methods (inside the code:
str.toLowerCase().split(" ")). Is this a good practice? Can I do this similar “concatenation” with array methods as well?

2- I don’t understand how exactly the + operator works inside the for loop body. It’s joining the 0-index of each element of words with their respective remaining characters, but how the program knows that it needs to join the characters without spaces between them?


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function titleCase(str) {
var words = str.toLowerCase().split(" ") 
for (var i = 0; i < words.length; i++){
   words[i] = words[i][0].toUpperCase() + words[i].slice(1);
return words.join(" ");
titleCase("I'm a little tea pot")// returns: I'm A Little Tea Pot

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  1. str.toLowerCase().split(" ") is an example of “method chaining”. It’s perfectly valid to use, as long as it doesn’t result in code that is difficult to read.

  2. The + operator is the concatenation operator. It combines two strings together (concatenates them). So greeting = "Hello " + username can assign the string “Hello Resurrexit” to the variable greeting.

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if you don’t explicity concatenate a space, the space is not added

let hello = "Hello";
let world = "World";

// with space:
let string = hello + ' ' + world
console.log(string); // "Hello World"

// without space
let string2 = hello + world;
console.log(string2); // "HelloWorld"
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