Conceptual help for javascript tool

I am very new to the coding world but have a tool I am looking to build, any help with understanding the most efficient way to build this tool would be greatly appreciated!

What I am looking to accomplish is create a small database of employees to which I can assign certain properties and then on the load of the page a draggable element would be created displaying their name if these properties are true.

I understand the concept of creating an object for the employee-

let employee = {
firstName: “John”,
lastName: “Doe”,
number: 111,
title: “stocker”,
shift: “pm”,

I also get how using a boolean I could use ‘document.createElement’ and ‘window.onload’ features theoretically to accomplish this but am unable to see the forest through the trees.

The ultimate vision would look something like this:


el-2 … in which all employees with job title: stocker have an element that displays their first name, last name, and employee number

[John Doe 111] in this example

Cashiers: etc.

Each element would be able to be dragged and dropped to a separate div container for where they will be working that day.

I know there are multiple concepts going on here, what I am mainly asking help with is understanding the creation of divs on page load with relation to objects and booleans so that it would display textcontent of [firstName, lastName, number] and whether this is the most efficient way to achieve my desired outcome. Thanks in advance!

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