Concerned Learner

I have learned JavaScript, meaning all of the foundations of JavaScript: functions, variables, switches, loops, objects, events. But the only problem is I don’t know what to do!?!? I have the foundations, but I have no idea how to use these foundations to combine them and make something, that’s my problem. Can someone please help and tell me where to even start to learn how to make projects that are unique, besides the “usual” to do list, making things loop, and outputting that data and time. Thank you.

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I’m going to be totally honest with you, you haven’t learned JavaScript yet. You may have learned the syntax, but as you can probably imagine there’s a lot more to poetry than just knowing the dictionary :slightly_smiling_face:. Aside from just knowing a language syntax there are it’s idioms, design styles, project structure, etc.

Here is my advice to you. If you’re searching around you have probably heard this a lot already, but just go out and make something. You will learn in incredible amount of things just by seeing a full project through to the end. The curriculum at Free Code Camp has a good list of things you can build if you don’t have any ideas, or if that’s not your fancy look around sites like Behance or UpLabs. Break the project down, if all you can see yourself building is the nav bar, build the nav bar. You aren’t gonna know how do do everything when you start, I know I don’t. You plan, you implement, you learn, and you refactor. It may very well come out horrible, but that’s why you do it again, and again until you make it something amazing. That’s just the way to mastering any skill.

Some practical resources though, to help you along in leaning the things that aren’t directly related to writing code:

This is a full series of videos on building a website from planning to design to coding, to give u an idea of how projects work in the big picture.

This is a couple of video teaching some intermediate JavaScript techniques, or just about everything you show know before learning a framework like React

This is a massive list of JavaScript resources from tools to editors to tutorials to libraries etc.


Maybe start looking into nodejs & npm, or learn more about UI development (HTML5, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Angular, React).

Try to create minesweeper, tic-tac-toe, connect four, etc. If you can’t think of unique ideas on your own, you’ll have to just try to replicate what other people have built. If you CAN think of unique things you want to build but just don’t know where to start, again, replicate what other people have built to learn how to build applications.

Thanks megaboy! That makes perfect sense, Ima take your advice!