Configuring freecodecamp offline

Can someone guide me through this? I’ve downloaded and installed all the prerequisites except . I’m not quite sure how to configure it tho. This is where I am in Git Bash.

You’re getting a network error (see the line “could not resolve host”). Your computer literally can’t connect to GitHub the way it is trying to; I can’t answer why that is I’m afraid.

My computer has problems connecting to the internet. Is there a way to get the modules via mobile?

You can also try and use ssh, currently you are using https i.e. the url is, so you could try and change the settings such that you are using the ssh git version instead of the https one.

Is there a way download this as a .zip file? Like I said above my computer has trouble connecting to the internet. I don’t know why.

Hey @kirubiel I think it’s going to be hard to develop FreeCodeCamp without an Internet connection, as you can download the ZIP file from here:

But then you’ll need to download all the dependencies. Not being connected to the Internet might be a major hassle to deal with that. Would be interesting to solve, but if you can fix the problem on your computer I think it’s better :slight_smile:

Hey @matjack1. I’m not looking to develop FCC offline. Yet lol. I wanted to learn offline on my computer and get the certificates. So far I’ve been learning from mobile to computer. But I need to type into FCC’s text editor while I’m online in order to complete the challenges (except for the projects I guess).

Yeah it would be interesting fix the issue with my computer but the problem sounds complex and I didn’t want to waste time on something that is beyond my understanding.

ah, great @kirubiel makes sense! Though I think at the moment it’s a bit shaky and you cannot easily start it locally.

Anyway, at least the first time you want to run it on your computer you should be connected to get dependencies. Would be cool to make it work easily offline but I guess it’s not so easy at the moment.

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Yeah guess not. Will keep trying to connect. Thank your for your reply. :slight_smile:

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