Confused a little bit

Hello ppl… can someone tell me does web dev need to know UX and UI to get a job? Thank You :slight_smile:

I would strongly recommend building at least a foundational knowledge. Some companies will have a dedicated UX designer who will be making the real decisions about the UI, but it’s extremely common that a web developer will be responsible for designing the pages that they work on. It doesn’t always come up in an interview, but it is very often a part of the job. Note that here I’m not talking about making something beautiful. I’m talking about making something accessible, on-brand, user-friendly, and consistent.

what you say is that corect me if am wrong…learn design fundamentals first then html css and js

Not necessarily in that order. You don’t have to learn design fundamentals before learning HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. I would suggest learning them before applying for jobs.