Confused about internships

I was looking up requirements for various internships. Looking at the required skillsets, I wonder how “internships” want the applicants to have experience. I mean how can people who are trying to intern have experience?
Does this mean that I am not ready for internships yet, or it just means that I am not looking at the right internship opportunities?
I felt confused and hence just decided to ask here about this.

I’m not sure where you’re located and I can only speak to the situation in the US.
Here internships are almost exclusively special programs for current college students. They should be focused on contributing to education, so the requirements won’t be on par with full time positions. However, there are still certain proficiency requirements in order to be able to complete the internship tasks. These should be skills that the average student will be exposed to in the first 2-3 years of college and classroom-level experience is the expectation. If you see internship descriptions that list several very different skills in this category, it often means that the company has a variety of internship opportunities and students are placed on a team appropriate to their skillset.


Thanks! I wasn’t aware of this. So basically, if we see a lot of different skills, I can mostly assume that there are a variety of internship opportunities available there.

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