Confused about "label"

Variables allow computers to store and manipulate data in a dynamic fashion. They do this by using a "label" to point to the data rather than using the data itself.

what “label” in this context means, does it reffers to let or const as labels for data type

without seeing the whole context, it looks like the word ‘label’ is referring to the name of the variable.

it is text of second task in javascript and algorithms part of curriculum, thank you, can you explain why computers use “label” to point to the data rather than use data itself? what is the point of not using data and using label to store and manipulate data…

imagine you wanted to make the computer remember the bank account balance of a million people.

Do you expect each person to tell you the exact amount in their balance in order to access it or do you expect them to just give you their ID and from that you retrieve their details?

Data is constantly changing, (such as bank balances) so having a variable (or a label) that doesn’t change that points to the changing data helps us write programs that don’t need to change every time the data changes.