Confused about where to start

Hello, everyone!

I am a 24-year-old chemical engineer currently working in the pharmaceutical industry.

I started coding when I enrolled in college. In my Introduction to Computing class, I learned C. Then we went on to Matlab for scientific computing. Then I self-taught Python and did my homework and projects with Python whenever I could. When the pandemic hit, I was interested in machine learning and earned a Coursera/deep learning specialization certificate.

I started working as a chemical engineer a few months ago, but I know that if I started working as a remote software developer, my salary would be much better.

I have talked to a chemical engineer friend who currently works as a front-end developer for a startup in the USA. This led me to start FCC’s curriculum, and I have started from the very beginning since it is advised to follow the curriculum order, and I am about to finish the responsive web design course.

I am confused because I don’t know whether I should go for the front-end route or the python/data science route with the knowledge I currently have.

TL;DR: I am a chemical engineer, know a little bit about C and Python, and have a deep learning specialization certificate. I’m also starting to learn about front-end development. I’m confused about which route to take and how.

Thank you all for taking your time. :slight_smile:

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To me seems that those two sentences are contradicting each other.
You understand that market for junior developers is very competitive and for remote jobs it’s mostly non-existent? And are there even entry level data science jobs for people without CS degree?
I’d say that to be somewhat ready for entry level frontend role you should finish at least first three sections of FCC’s curriculum (supplementing them with some external resources).

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