Confused and upset after being 2-month web developer

Don’t worry. Just keep calm and try to be a part of team.


Maybe the current employer’s expectations were too high? OK, then squeeze every drop of experience and knowledge out of it you can while you are there. If you find yourself looking for another job, still keep learning and keep working. Remember, in computers you become a little more valuable every day as long as every day you are increasing your knowledge and skills. Never stop increasing your knowledge and skills no matter what situation you find yourself in!


@honmanyau Thank you for your reply and I really appreciate your opinions! (I have removed my portfolio based on your comment, I did not notice that :frowning: )

After considering quit or not these days, I still think I love to code even sometimes it is hard to understand and frustrating. Also, I agree that tech knowledge are more important in these days, so I do not want to give up now.

Since my boss are hiring new people for front end and the title is as same as mine, so I guess they want to hire a new person to replace my job. I think it is better to find a new job with better working environment rather than sacrifice my work-life balance… :frowning:

I will try to practice and do more projects afterwards, thank you!



Thank you for your reply. I think people do not understand the hardwork of being web developer and just think all like Google Apps or something, which is just like magic and can be done in a short time.

IT can combined with others skills, since learning IT-related knowledge is already the trend of future…We can stil learn different skills when we are learning web development. :slight_smile:

Well, it is quite difficult to learn web development and I am still struggling and feel lost sometimes. Hope we all can become better in the future!

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@IlimaVIP @DIFYZ @olddognewtrix123

Thank you for all your comments! I guess the expectations from employer is high and they always chase for perfect but in a short time, also they are quite aggressive, with many projects.

I think I cannot stay in this stressful environment for too long, so I decided to leave this company and search for another one first. Then try to know whether I am suitable to work in this field or not.

Anyway, thank you for all your advices. I will try to practice more and find another job :slight_smile:

But I have a little questions that, are many of web development company like that? With tight schedules and fast-paced, stressful environment etc. I feel lost and confused for searching another job…

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A couple of inspiring and excellent quotes from @QuincyLarson, relevant to this conversation:


Dont give up brother , Easy life is boring , I wish you good luck.

But I have a little questions that, are many of web development company like that?

I would say that it’s just depends. There are some people who struggle working overtime to get the sprint done, and there are some barely showing up to work and still getting paid for all of the 40 hours a week)). But than again, it’s not like they do nothing, it’s just they decided to work at home. I really don’t know how is it in Hong Kong, but I think it’s really depends on many things. Over here in US I feel like, you’ve got to do your best in anything what you do if you want to have success. Good luck with your next job soon! :+1:t2:

Typos: sorry ahead of time. English is not my first language, it’s my fourth language))

@htmlmaster @camper
Thank you for your quotes from Bruce Lee and your opinions. I think I can see my future once again :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

I am now trying to revamp / polish my portfolio page to reflect my current abilities and use that to find a new job later. Hope that I can find a workplace which have time for growing.

English is not my first language too, but I wish I can work in foreign countries someday!

As a middle school student (just always being the smartest one in the class) i know where your boss is coming from and I think of your situation as the following:

In middle school there are 2 types of classes; advanced and normal.Given the fact that your team is made up of no less than two senior programmers and you being the only junior, your boss is used to tackling a lot of things at once and wants it done with amazing speed and dexterity ( not surprising given the fact that he has been working with very experienced developers in the field). Now back to the middle school classes thing.You are in the position of a new student in a super advanced algebra class and the students are completing huge amounts of work in record times and your teacher is expecting the same of you.which is natural because you are in big leagues now and you are being compared to the seniors.Now my stance on your issue is that although your boss is wrong (and believe me he is) you should not be expecting any better of him due to the fact that

  1. he has been dealing with some very experienced folks and has always been rigorous in his expectations and is too far down that path to change his ways,

  2. he will no longer view you as junior and will slowly and gradually be more and more discontent with your work -the effects of which you are already seeing.

Now. You have a couple of options :

  1. You can quit the job and look for a new one -not necessarily going back to your old one (because there is probably a reason behind you quitting it)

  2. You can try to reason with your boss

  3. You can approach the seniors on your team and be taught by them in your specific plight and ask them to guide you to your weaknesses so you can pick up the pace and be slightly more pleasing to your boss.

Now there are other trails of actions but if he is seriously blackmailing you and you are willing to part with the position then pick option 1 -it is your pick.

I hope that solve your issue and all goes well.

Thank you for your opinions and I think that is just what you described!

My guess is they really want to have an experienced one but they do not have enough budget to do so… Anyway, I will try to revamp my portfolio and find a new job!


It seems like you joined a mini startup. There are a lot of these “companies” in asia, especially in china. I think that if the whole company is solely operating on 5 people, you guys are gonna have a lot of work to do. No doubt. So, regarding to your question I think if you join this kind of mini-startup you are always gonna get a lot of work, a tight deadline etc.

I think what you need to do (if you love coding and you still want to be around) is focus on more specific things, ask your boss what project he thinks that you did not finish “in time”? Which project has the higher priority, and what is the real dead line? If he tells you: “well, within 3 sites we are doing, site A has the higher priority” then you now have a clear goal. This is about communicating , especially when you are in the weaker party, ask your boss nicely to be more specific. I dont think that anyone wants to hear their boss said something vague like: “i hope you can be more passionate about this job” which means you should work twice as hard and I won’t give you any sort of reward, not even an encouragement. Ask your boss to be specific.

Then you will see what he really means. If he can be specific, I think you should stick with this team. And maybe sacrifice some of your personal time to do the extra work. Remember this, when we just got into a line of work we dont really have many leverages. We cant have the posture of “if you dont pay me 200k a year i wont work for you”. NO, we don’t get to say that.

The worse case is this: your boss has no idea what he is doing. Or he just being mean to you because you are the new comer. Or the whole company shifts their focus a lot. “today we are gonna be the next facebook, tomorrow we are gonna be the next netflix” Or your boss can’t be specific and yet still tells you to be more passionate in the next few months, if any of these things happens, you should think about how long do you have to stay in this company. the mean to the new comer part is quite common, you have to earn your trust, that’s normal. dont worry about that part too much. but all those other things I mentioned is quite important,.

With all that being said, I think you should not pull out right now. Imagine this, in the next interview your interviewer asked you : what happened to this X company you listed on your resume? you’ve only worked there for less than half a year? That will be a bad impression. I think you should avoid this kind of situation, unless something really bad happened in your previous job (like you got scammed or sth idk)

Yep thats exactly what is going on, it happens a lot with startups

The links you put look fine. I have found that working in small teams, 10 or less, are absolute nightmares. They have to take many projects to have an income and EVERYTHING is high stress and has to be done NOW.

You should avoid situations like that until you are more experienced and have the knowledge to work under that type of brutal work environment. When you first start out, work with larger teams (also look into remote work) and that should keep your stress level and responsibilities down.

I had that type of work environment when I first started also. I ended up hating those types of jobs and quite a few. I gave up for awhile but still found myself coding for fun
because I truly love being a developer. I just realized that I didn’t want to work in that
type of environment again, or ever.

I am in the process of moving into freelancing right now. I have done a few projects remotely with some of them in different countries. I had a much better experience and my stress was gone. That would be my advice.

Don’t ever get discouraged about anything if it’s the work environment that bothers you. Just keep trying different jobs or do what I do and freelance from project to project, and work for many different people.

You coding looks fine, so don’t get discouraged. If you don’t like a work environment, leave. There is lots of work out there if you hunt for it. Good luck!

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I was in your same situation about 1 and half years ago. It was my first Developer job and I felt overwhelmed. I was desperate and thought that maybe being a Software Developer was not something for me.
The thing that kept me from giving up was my passion. No matter how difficult and demanding, developing software was the most interesting thing I’ve done in my career! Even today I have some “hard” days, in which nothing seems to work, but compared to the boredom I felt when I had other kinds of jobs they’re so much more fun

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@zhouxiang19910319 @geekysmurf @cisd260036 @alodavi

Sorry to reply you all at once, but thank you for all of your advices! I feel a sense of relief.

Yeah, these start-up environment are quite stressful and the deadlines are all need “IMMEDIATELY”. All are too stressful for just a beginner like me. I just cannot imagine how the deadlines would be so tight when I accpet this offer.

I think I understand my situation now and will try to find bigger teams in the future (with more practices).

You guys are the best, appreciate all of your opinions and comments! :slight_smile:


Actually you are a salesperson for yourself as a specialist now. Why go back when you can go forth? Develop general skills, choose specialization, sell your time. While being a salesperson would you stop trying to sell a product, if it did not meet one customer expectations, who tells you: “every customer wants what I want, if it does not meet my needs put it to a rubbish bin, because no one will buy it from you”? Even further, when you resell and can’t influence a product you’re selling, you can do nothing, but try to push it to someone else. But whe you sell and can influence product quality (your skills) - everything is in your hands.

CONTINUE CODING AND DON’T STOP and don’t let anyone stop you “in any way”.

It is normal to respond that way especially you’re newly hired - to think that your boss wants to replace you (because of what you’ve mentioned). Ok, “pause” let’s set it aside for a while and think positively. Does your boss mean replacing you or hiring another junior developer to help you with your workload? If your boss wants to kick you out, then stay calm. “Always” prepare a ready-made resignation letter with you (make it reachable at any time). If that day comes and, your boss handed you a note (firing you out), then hand-in your resignation letter in return. By experience, that’s how you can play safe.

Don’t leave your current job yet until you find a replacement. I know it’s expensive in HK so brace up if you quit now. Be patient, be open and show your enthusiasm. Absorb what you can from your seniors, be cooperative and play smart. I am 101% sure that - you’ve already gained something and don’t waste it. Look up young man; there are more mistakes and complexities to come. Stay smart and rough.

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Seriously though, you might want to try working remotely. Not being in a “work environment” is an automatic de-stresser. You can work in your PJ’s!

@rfprod I have not think that before! You are right, it just like my salesperson job in my past. I think I know what to do. Thank you!

@fmp40 Thank you for your opionions. Every job had pros and cons and both can become my experience, I will try to learn from them as much as I can.

@geekysmurf Yes, freelancer would be one of my goal. Hope I can reach that level and get some clients. Then I can decide my schedule myself :slight_smile:

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