Confused and upset after being 2-month web developer

Actually you are a salesperson for yourself as a specialist now. Why go back when you can go forth? Develop general skills, choose specialization, sell your time. While being a salesperson would you stop trying to sell a product, if it did not meet one customer expectations, who tells you: “every customer wants what I want, if it does not meet my needs put it to a rubbish bin, because no one will buy it from you”? Even further, when you resell and can’t influence a product you’re selling, you can do nothing, but try to push it to someone else. But whe you sell and can influence product quality (your skills) - everything is in your hands.

CONTINUE CODING AND DON’T STOP and don’t let anyone stop you “in any way”.

It is normal to respond that way especially you’re newly hired - to think that your boss wants to replace you (because of what you’ve mentioned). Ok, “pause” let’s set it aside for a while and think positively. Does your boss mean replacing you or hiring another junior developer to help you with your workload? If your boss wants to kick you out, then stay calm. “Always” prepare a ready-made resignation letter with you (make it reachable at any time). If that day comes and, your boss handed you a note (firing you out), then hand-in your resignation letter in return. By experience, that’s how you can play safe.

Don’t leave your current job yet until you find a replacement. I know it’s expensive in HK so brace up if you quit now. Be patient, be open and show your enthusiasm. Absorb what you can from your seniors, be cooperative and play smart. I am 101% sure that - you’ve already gained something and don’t waste it. Look up young man; there are more mistakes and complexities to come. Stay smart and rough.

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Seriously though, you might want to try working remotely. Not being in a “work environment” is an automatic de-stresser. You can work in your PJ’s!

@rfprod I have not think that before! You are right, it just like my salesperson job in my past. I think I know what to do. Thank you!

@fmp40 Thank you for your opionions. Every job had pros and cons and both can become my experience, I will try to learn from them as much as I can.

@geekysmurf Yes, freelancer would be one of my goal. Hope I can reach that level and get some clients. Then I can decide my schedule myself :slight_smile:

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I spent time in Asia (Japan), apologizing profusely and bringing donuts is exactly what works :slight_smile: Probably universal.


Exactly :joy::+1:t2:… have to survive somehow))

For my first developer role, they thought I wasn’t picking it up quick enough and got rid of me after 3 months. Now I’m in the perfect junior developer role - I do have to work longer hours (London style long hours - not Asia!) but it really has worked out for me.

If you enjoy being a developer, then stick with it - your first role is just that, a first role - it may or may not work out.

You can better yourself as a web developer by learning some of the more up coming ways to make complex sites. Node and react are some examples. Https:// has some great examples of react projects that can give you a little taste of what people are using now


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Sorry to hear that you received a less than positive review. if it helps know that Hong Kong, especially now is not a great place to work at. That being said, I think you need to do some soul searching. My sister, who became Managing Director of Technology at a huge investment bank had her first boss tell her she sucked at coding.

I’ve also had less than flattering reviews in the beginning but today my direct manager just called me an expert in web design. I beg to differ but it’s great to be appreciated.

We ALL started from the same place you did. Square one.

Do some soul searching and ask yourself if this is something you’d still do if people said you sucked. if so, keep grinding and keep the passion high.

sucking is a part of developer life. As well as failures. Stay humble, stay foolish, and keep plugging away.

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@htmlmaster Nice quote. Bruce Lee is G.O.A.T (the Greatest Of All Time).

@snowleo208 I think you should continue to be a Web Developer, just move to another company. It could be that another company could be a better fit for you. You may have friendlier coworkers some where else.

3 years from that post, you must be quite experienced dev now arent you? )

I really really dont agree with 5he whole, anyone can code thing. Sure anyone can maybe write a script, people think programically maybe not.

Some people will struggle with coding more than others, and some people’s life experiences make coding easier, but I see no reason why anyone cannot program (barring discussion of edge cases due to biological complications).

Hey Yuki,

How are you??

I would love here your update? How’s thing going with you now a day??


I wanna to know the same thing but seems like he is being quiet.