Confused help me out

presently i’m preparing JS. while going to it i struck at oops and thought that its getting little bit complicated . so, i thought it would be better to take a break and recall the python which i completed earlier. I’m confused what to do now ,stick to JS or recall python.

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I think it’s really your call. You could recall python, do some small project based on it too for more hands-on. Or you could hang in there and continue with Js

Or you could just take breaks and juggle between the two too, if that’s your thing.

Explore and see what works for you :slight_smile:

It’s good to take breaks. Taking breaks also helps you to not overload the brain and your brain will also try to recall it better if you just take it in small steps depending on how much you can handle and do continuous learning - learn every day or something like that in continuous intervals.

Also, if you are very particular about career - I think both languages help, but some of them are popular in some fields. For example Python is popular in Data Engineering and Data Analysis fields. Js is very popular and is the language of the web, especially the browser. Both are anyhow good and popular in the industry, and many jobs are out there. If you are particularly looking for a job position, in a particular field, choose the language accordingly :slight_smile: and get more depth in it and you could still learn the other one too and more languages to get a taste of different worlds in the world of languages

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Hey Mahammad,

please do not create duplicate topics! :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t think that this is a good idea:

  • you probably will get confused by the different syntax
  • going the uncomfortable path leads to increased frustration tolerance (not meaning that it makes sense to get stuck for weeks/months)

Hi Team,
Myself Rajesh rk ! completed Bachelors in Mechanical stream and signed in the freecodecamp page to start learning data analysis with Python Can any one help me out how to start learning from the beginning it will be great helpfull to me Thanks in advance @freecodecamp ! #newtoprogramming

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It’s great you have chosen Data Analysis with Python :smiley: I would recommend learning some Python basics - like, very very small concepts, if you haven’t done Python before that is, and then move on to Data Analysis. Or you could learn Python on the fly too!

The freecodecamp videos are a good start! If videos work for you, that’s great. I’m more of a hands on guy who’s more into interactive learning with good practice on the go - I learned Data Analysis recently to mentor for a She Loves Data Data Analysis workshop and also a Python workshop.

I recently created a small video to talk about getting started with Python . The SheLovesData Python workshop video is here and slides here, colab notebook is here.

SheLovesData Data Analysis Workshop video and SheLovesData Data Analysis Workshop slides, colab notebook is here

For any help, you can DM me :smiley: Happy to help you get started!

Disclaimer: I know only the basics in these topics. I have done two of the projects in FCC Data Analysis with Python for the certification. I still have tons to learn in the future


Great! Thank you so much @karuppiah7890


thank u soo much bro…


There is always a challenge in the middle,all languages got their hard part,but I think If you leave because js is hard,you will end up stopping in the middle.

It is great to hear that you are learning JS. Learning JS is always a challenge, so you should not leave it in the middle. It will help if you continue to learn JS instead of moving back to python.