Confused, Lost, Uncertain about my career. Interested in programming not enjoying packages surrounding web development

I’m an electrical engineer PLC programmer who decided to make transition into Software development.

But I’m lost now. I am interested in

building everything from scratch,
interested in logic building and programming.

I’m not enjoying MERN development or web development. I don’t know which field to pursue.

Instead of doing projects I dig into

  • how JavaScript engine is built
  • How usestate useeffect context api works, what its behind the scene code.

-how can I create my small programming language to learn

  • how to built compiler

  • JavaScript os giving built in objects how can I built my own built in like object

Since 8 months I’m just doing this and feeling stuck. Because I don’t know which field will give me a chance to do everything from scratch.

I don’t want to use already built in packages like nodemailer, formik, toast, bycrypt, validation etc etc

I want to create my own so I can get confidence that I am good JavaScript Developer.

I saw udemy, coursera, and many many books but no one I found interesting.

I don’t want to be a web developer. I want ro be a programmer, software engineer.

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Welcome to the forum!

If you hate web development, you can skip JavaScript altogether.

Your list sounds like becoming a C-developer could be what you are looking for. The language of engineers, closest thing to machine code, you can build things like operating systems, embedded code and other computer languages with C.

Cons: Harder to learn and the entry level is higher than in web development, many C jobs require a technical degree.

Research how to become a C - developer and what the job market has to offer for you. Best of luck

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If you want to learn to build a compiler, JavaScript isn’t what you want to look at. You need to understand how computers work, JavaScript isn’t going to help a whole lot there.

It’s not going to make you a great JS developer, mind. It’s just going to mean you understand how to build compilers (and interpreters). It may make you an objectively better programmer, it might not :man_shrugging:t3:. But if that’s what you want to focus on, go for that

These are pretty good:

They use Go, which is much simpler and more consistent than JS.

C is another option, like @DanielHuebschmann says (the dragon book on compiler design uses C iirc).

OCAML is another option, a fair few languages have been written in OCAML before they became self-hosting (Rust and Go, for example). There’s a pretty good online course from (I think) MIT

Seems like this resource is made just for you : Build your own XYZ

There’s something for everybody :grin:

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