Confused now: Are new (web) devs in demand or not so much?

I’ve always thought and heard that there is a big demand and lack of developers worldwide. But now I’ve read some posts here about people struggling hard and long to find a job.

So has the situation changed recently or what? Do we now have too many (web) developers suddenly?

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It is definitely an in-demand career. It’s not necessarily an industry that’s present in every geographical area. You might have to move to where the jobs are. Additionally, it’s an in-demand field because there is a “skill gap”. The key word there is “skill”. Although many companies are desperate for skilled developers, it is not worth the financial risk to hire a developer if they are not very confident about the individual’s skills.


there is an influx of people wanting to break into the field, mostly because of places like bootcamps advertising stuff like job guarantees or 6 figure job within a few years. and of course success stories that gets posted in social media.


It is also worth pointing out that not every web dev job is the same - there are a lot of different combinations of techs. If you’re a LAMP stack with Vue.js, then that recruiter that needs a MERN dev isn’t going to be able to use you.


Just because developers are in demand doesn’t mean new developers are in demand–they’re not.

The people here posting stories about getting hired…I’m not sure where they’re from and where their jobs are in terms of country and states. But with people where I’ve known that kind of information, my observation has been that the people having the best luck getting hired as newbies are people in California getting jobs in California.

There is some demand where I live (i.e. a city in Southeastern US), but most of it really does seem to be for experienced developers. There are some opportunities to get your foot in the door, but not many and you have to be willing to take fairly low salaries.

Regardless, we do and will have too many web developers, because people keep pushing this incomplete idea that there is a demand and the demand will increase, so let’s pop up all these bootcamps, “learn to code” sites, programs for little kids, programs for women, programs for people of color, etc. Pushing people towards learning to code is a new, hot thing that will eventually have unfortunate consequences for a lot of people like pushing people towards law school eventually did…especially some of the groups of people some think they’re “helping the most” by doing this.


Giving it a serious consideration again, here’s my opinion:

It’s true that we have a strong hype here. Especially with JavaScript and Web development, where the self pushing seems to be the strongest.

But it’s also true that the demand for developers will increase, and probably pretty fast and strong. As digitalization is growing very fast, the demand for developers will.

In Germany for example where I’m from, scientific research says that there is already a big gap in software development. Although I don’t know how it is for web development in particular.

The question is:

  1. Will we have too many web developers within the next years because the field is currently over-hyped? Difficult to say of course. Web development is one of the biggest fields, because a web site is a very basic thing almost every company and institution needs. Plus web development becomes more and more “versatile”, giving things like Cordova, React Native, PWA, Electron, etc. Even blockchains need web development as their access point. On the other hand, web development might be one of the “easier” fields of programming, compared to things like c++, game development, embedded, AI, etc. So more people have access to it (I have for example a friend who is an extremely successful web developer for about 20 years now. He was never good in mathematics though, nor too good in school, and he once said to me that there seems to be a certain level where he can’t go beyond).
    Well, but in total I’d be still bullish. Web developers will stay in demand. And even if we get too many of them, switching to another development field won’t be too problematic, too (I believe there are a lot of other ones which are “easy” enough).

  2. The other interesting question is: If we start teaching our youngest kids programming very early, will then also the lesser intelligent people be able to become coders one day, so that the demand can be filled and thus job chances will decrease? Well, I would say yes and no. And more no than yes. You can do a lot with education. But finally programming is about problem solving with high concentration. And that’s not for everyone. Then we would need a new leap in anthropology lol.

So in total, I would say “thumbs up” for that hype. The demand will be there. If people are having problems finding a job as a developer, this can almost always be solved. And has probably other reasons than there is not enough demand, probably more of you are still doing something wrong with applying or your skills are not yet polished enough. Location can also be a problem. But well: You are problem solvers, right? So just go and find that bug until you have it!

And since I’m an addictive problem solver myself, I’m anyhow not interested in doing something else.

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Yes there is, but not for Juniors, so its a catch 22. If you are good at it you wonr have a problem, but dont expectto get 50K after doing a few months of online tutorials.