Confused of ReferenceError: myArray is not defined

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Firstly, I tried a simple function, to check if it is working. It doesn’t, because ReferenceError: myArray is not defined

function countdown(myArray, n) {
  if (n <= 0) {
    return n;
countdown(myArray, -1);

I then manually changed myArray to be an empty array when I called the function. I got right outputs in the console, but can’t pass the challenge. Can someone help me to understand the error and how to handle it? Thank you!

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//Only change code below this line
function countdown(myArray, n) {
if (n <= 0) {
  let arr = [];
  return arr;
} else {
  let newArr = countdown(myArray, n - 1);
  return newArr;

countdown([], 10);

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Challenge: Use Recursion to Create a Countdown

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The 1st function you had
1 was missing and else statment to complete it
2 was returing counting down myArray but not n

the second code
has allot of statments that aren’t completly necearly
you can write the code much simpler

for me it somethimes helps to write pseudo code :3
i want a function to countdown myArray and n

if it the n is less to 0 it should return

else myArray pushes the n paramenter

and countsdown minus one myArray as well as the parameter

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If you look carefully at the explanation of the challenge and the test requirements, the function countdown is not supposed to return a new array. It is supposed to modify myArray. You do not need to add a function call to your code. The tests will call the function.