Confused on bootstrap

Just got to the tribute page challenge in basic front end development and my mind has gone blank–like I can’t even figure out where to start so I’m wondering if there’s some place to see the bootstrap possibilities all in one place that I could be using–e.g. I don’t remember text-primary, etc from the lessons–is there somewhere–book or online–I could access to be reminded of what my code options even are or is me not remembering all the choices a sign that I’ve actually not learned a single thing beyond understanding “how” it works but not being able to actually code in it. Overwhelmed.

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It’s really easy to get overwhelmed with this, and it will happen every time you learn a new technology. Feeling lost and confused is perfectly normal, even for seasoned experts.

Thanks. I’ll look around at the bootcamp’s site that you linked again. I tried for a while today but couldn’t find just a list of possibilities or the code for their themes even to look at. I found the themes but can’t figure out how to see the code even when I downloaded the documents. I think I’m just too lost to even be asking this in the right way maybe :slight_smile:

Honestly, themes aren’t going to do you any good right now. This page should be dead simple, and really, you ought to make it ugly as sin. Seriously. Commit yourself to creating the ugliest heap of stinking garbage that anyone has ever farted out of their mind. You’ll get better later on, but you’ve got to start somewhere, and right now you’re stuck in an infinite loop, and it’s better to have low expectations about the design and be surprised in the end. I can promise you that this project isn’t going to make or break your career, so don’t think for more than a few minutes about how it should look. It will also help if you get the information you want for the tribute first, and do the markup. It’s a lot easier to style a bunch of markup than an empty page :slight_smile:

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I’m in the wrong biz. I ought to be writing fortune cookies.

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