Confused thoroughly at all of this

so I am doing a certification test and we cant ask for assistance? Just want to make sure i read that right. If thats the case I would like to know from a MODERATOR only please. I have done theses challenges multiple times so i understand. right out ot the box the talk about something that was never talked about, i went back and scanned all the challenges i did, and nothing. I know they are tests, but wow. if this is the case I will never be able to certify at all. I willnot talk about the test or contents. but not allowed help? hit hints and you get a message of no help allowed. So you see when i said to do them each 3 times, this why right here. I am going to go back and start all over again. i will be forever stuck in that loop. good luck everyone.

You are more than welcome to ask for help during a certification project. There should be a help button on the certification just like the normal challenges

it takes me to post that says you are not allowed help on certifications… I am not gonna share here, dont wanna be in trouble

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What certification are you trying to do. Also, what are you clicking on thats taking you to the message?

People ask for help on their certification projects all the time

Some of the certification projects do cover things not in the lessons as they expect you to do some independent research. But they are set up so they’re nothing you can’t learn if you’ve done the previous lessons. HTML and CSS follow distinct patterns that you can recognise after learning them.

If you’re not sure how to do something just ask, not sure where the message that you can’t ask for help is coming from. I’ve never seen it myself or seen anyone else encounter it. :thinking:

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the button says “get help” i touvh it and it says in post as the hint…"you are not allowed or hints during certifications. If i had a cell number i would send you a picture.

Are you selecting the top option here?

The top option sends you to this post?

If thats the case then you are pressing get a hint instead of Ask for help. You need to select the second one

well when you dont know whats on the test how are you supposed know what to study? But i guess we are supposed to assume that we better do all of it before you try the certifications so that the information is covere 3 modules away from where you sarted, then go back 2 months later and the cert. Right on… Enjoy…Happy coding :neutral_face:

I have tried to use the search to search and i have refreshed several times, signed and out. I still have not found a single topic on here about it.

So it will be hard to find help on certifications through topics because the certifications are specific to the person doing them. Meaning its their own code.

Which of these buttons are you clicking on

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Awesome sauce. Well i will just skip it, thanks Cody :v:

share your code to get help, like in all the challenges

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