Confusing, incomplete tutorial

This tutorial is incorrect and unclear.
This should be split into two lines, otherwise it doesn’t work:
- #!/usr/bin/env noderequire(’…/’)()
Additionally, a bin file is mentioned, but never explained. The path to the bin file is also never given. Very sloppy tutorial that is impossible to complete unless you catch the mistakes or already know how to do it.
For comparison, here is the original article: Creating a real-world CLI app with Node
Here is your article: How to create a real-world Node CLI app with Node

Hi @sam-hall !

Welcome to the forum!

A message has been sent to the editorial team and they will look into it.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention, @sam-hall.

I just went in and fixed the code blocks for the article, and also added the file path for the bin file as a caption to improve clarity.

Please take a look and let me know if you notice anything else.

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